Suzhou Finally international co., LTD. is located in the beautiful city Suzhou (heaven in china), we abide by forge ahead, and keep pace with The Times, the customer as the core business philosophy, mainly for the increasing market demand of electric vehicles abroad, provide the concept, structure, simplicity, communication, quality and reputation of high demand products and development scheme. we are a top technical team has been involved in electric bikes more than 10 years. We will give the perfect one package services to customers from design to the sample test to the finished products .you don't need to worry on any of the links and details. You only give us a request on the computer with a cup of coffee, we will give you a professional services and perfect products. The warmest place in the world is Family. The warmest place to do business is Finally. No matter how far you ride, please remember :

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A person's outdoor riding is a very windy thing, but behind the cool is often hidden many unknown hidden dangers, especially long-distance cycling. Whether you're equipped or not, some of the necessary riding gear will undoubtedly be a great way to help you. Cycling is a healthy and natural way to travel and enjoy the beauty of the journey. A bicycle, a backpack can travel, simple and environmentally friendly. Through the bumpy road, through the dark tunnel, experiencing challenges in the continuous difficulties, experience the amorous feelings in faraway places, and experience success at the end of the journey.

Soft seat cushion can not hold firmly hold the body affects stampedes efficiency, the buttock is like to be stuck in sofa, soft seat mat and hip contact area is big.
The disc brake is used to brake the steel plate that is fixed on flower drum through a clamp (or clamp). The V brake is braking with a V brake clamp.
The purpose of the utility model is to provide a simple, non-monolithic type of structure, which can be adjusted and used by the rider, which is suitable for the bicycle front rail.
The airtightness of the American mouth is better, the air is more convenient than the French mouth, so the most common use is the use of American mouth, and many low-end road cars are also equipped with American mouths


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